Out of State Lateral Program

$15,000 Hiring Bonus

FCSO requires all sworn staff to possess 4 DCJS certifications as a deputy sheriff. Virginia DCJS certified law enforcement officers may be eligible to attend our 4-week academy program to attain certification in civil process, court security, and jail operations.

Out of State Lateral Program

The Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the training and experience of law enforcement professionals across the country. Out-of-state, federal and military police law enforcement professionals may qualify for our lateral hiring option.

Lateral transfers will attend a relaxed 12-week academy session and complete 3 months of field training, all while earning their full salary and benefits.

Please contact our recruiter at 703-246-4105 or shf-applicants@fairfaxcounty.gov

What is required?

  • Eligibility requirements for out-of-state, federal, and military police lateral officers, per the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) standard:
    • Must have at least 3 years sworn law enforcement service with the same agency.
    • Prior agency and training academy must be accredited.
  • If Virginia DCJS requirements are satisfied, lateral officers/deputies may be eligible for an abbreviated, 12 week paid academy training session.
  • Lateral officers will complete a full Field Training Instruction (FTI) period of 47 shifts
  • Pay incentives of starting salary increases apply. Steps equal to 5% may be awarded for:
    • College degree (Associate’s Degree or higher)
    • Foreign language proficiency
    • Military Service
    • Prior law enforcement or correctional experience
  • Starting pay range: $58,321.94 – $78,170.56.

How do I apply?

Eligibility is based on the specific qualifications of each applicant. Find out if you are eligible for the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office lateral officer program by contacting our recruiter at (703) 246-4105 or shf-applicants@fairfaxcounty.gov