Department of Code Compliance (DCC)

$15,000 Hiring Bonus


Two Sheriff ‘s deputies are assigned to the Department of Code Compliance (DCC) to provide civil and criminal law enforcement support and, more importantly, to actively engage in the processes that ensure public safety and a high quality of life for individuals and the community at large. The DCC investigates neighborhood complaints from individuals and public entities. Compliance is achieved through the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, Virginia Maintenance Code, Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (Residential), Grass Ordinance, Noise Ordinance and the Uniform Statewide Building Code (unpermitted construction).

In addition to serving civil law documents such as Corrective Work Orders and Notices of Violation, the deputies assist DCC inspectors with their investigations. Whether it is administratively or on the scene, the deputies ensure the safety of the inspectors during the course of their work and also help explain the county’s concerns to the residents. Hoarding, for example, is a contentious issue for all parties involved. A deputy is able to serve as a liaison between the inspector and the resident by de-escalating crisis situations and ensuring that all parties are safe at all times. A simple inspection of a suspected hoarding case can turn into a human services issue, requiring further coordination with Fire and Rescue, Adult Protective Services, Community Services Board and/or Animal Control. A deputy also serves as a liaison for Department of Health inspectors on environmental issues. For example, if a home’s plumbing and sewage is dumped into a public stream, the deputy ensures the safety of the health inspector as he or she seeks a solution that addresses the environmental concerns while respecting the homeowner’s right to due process.